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Share Your Soles Shoe Project

Shoes collected are used to start and maintain micro enterprises in developing nations. Individuals repurpose and sell used and new shoes, offering financial support and sustainability for themselves and their families

This Shoe Project is what FUNDS our Junior Leadership Academy Program in the summer with no charge to our youth. (put a link to our Junior Leadership Academy, JLA)

October, November & December 2016 Kolton Lee Solomon used the Shoe Project for his Eagle Scout Project. He finished up with over 206 hours on the project and touching over 10,000 shoes. Kolton got his Eagle Scout award Feb 28, 2017. ANY Scout looking for an Eagle Project, please contact: Vicky Solomon

March 11, 2017

Blue Vase Recovery Center brought 13 people to come help process shoes. We had 16 people helping today! THANK YOU BLUE VASE!

We are ALWAYS looking for VOLUNTEERS to help with the shoe project.
Please contact: or