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Marijuana Harmless? Think Again!
January 2014

Thank you to everyone who was able to participate in today’s Marijuana Harmless? Think Again!  phone call today.


Below is a recap of the items discussed:

1.  The Marijuana  Harmless? Think Again! Campaign (MHTA) was presented to the Arizona Substance Abuse Partnership on December 5th.  The request was made for ASAP to endorse MHTA.

2.  The four main talking points of the movement focus on the harms marijuana causes to our children.

  1. Marijuana puts our kids’ futures at risk.
  2. Marijuana just like cigarettes is addictive.
  3. Marijuana use can drop a person’s IQ by 8 points.
  4. Legalization = 32,000 high school kids in Arizona saying they would be more likely to try pot. 

3.  The Marijuana Harmless? Think Again Legislative Luncheon is scheduled for Wednesday, January 15th. Click here for details.

Call to Action #1:  Please contact your State Representatives and Senator and ask them to attend.

4.  The original Resolution was shortened to focus exclusively on the harms legalized marijuana will cause to our youth. 

Call to Action #2:  Please ask your area municipalities, County Government, and or school boards, etc. to adopt the resolution.  If a resolution is adopted please forward a signed copy to Merilee.

5.  The website:  www.marijuanaharmlessthinkagain.org is up and running.  The partner tab will have updated power points by January 15

Bunny Cochran developed a Power Point for youth that will be available.   Thank you Bunny!

Arizona Marijuana Debate Gets Started
Watch the video!

6.  Click here to find a brief presentation on Marijuana Legalization and Impact on Teen Use. Click here to see the charts.

7.  Click here to find a letter to the editor authored by Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk, titled “Marijuana Lessons from Colorado”.

Call to Action #3:  Please take the letter and ask a local representative to author the letter,  make any appropriate changes and submit the letter to your local newspapers.

8.  A third MHTA commercial on addiction is in the process of being developed.  We will let everyone know when the finished commercial is available.

9.  A Marijuana Harmless? Think Again! Conference is being planned for Thursday, April 17th in Phoenix.  Dr. Kevin Sabet, will be the keynote speaker.

Call to Action #4:  Please mark your calendars and save the date to attend.  We will be asking for your help in planning and promoting this conference.

10. Two books were recommended as excellent sources of information:

  • “Reefer Sanity, Seven Great Myths about Marijuana” by Kevin A. Sabet, PhD
  • “Marijuana, What is a Parent to Believe” by Timmen L Cermak, MD

Please send the link to this page to any appropriate parties interested in partnering with the Marijuana Harmless? Think Again! Movement.