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Junior Leadership Academy
of the White Mountains

2017 JLA is working in Blue Ridge, Show Low, and Whiteriver School Districts

In Partnership with
Navajo County 4H
Among top 3 in state
Best Out of School Program for 2 consecutive years!
Thank you, Mr. Alvidrez

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Gil Alvidrez with Beth Schimmel

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2017 JLA Academy — June 12-23, 2017
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Andrea Gonzales, with Beth Schimmel

Hi! My name is Andrea and this summer I got to go to Junior Leadership Academy. The JLA Program is a way to see old friends before the beginning of summer and maybe make new friends for next year. It also teaches you to be a good leader. Some of the things they do and places they see are amazing like the ropes course at Northern Arizona University. The reason I liked the ropes course is when you think you can't do something and you try you will wind up exceeding your own expectations. The lunches are also something to talk about. I liked the lunches first of all because they were delicious and also because if we are at the building we get served amazing lunches by amazing people. If we weren't at the building they would make lunch fun. Also we went to Holbrook and saw the Juvenile Detention Center I liked going to the detention center because now, not one of us are going to do anything bad because we know where we're headed if we take that path. We also went to Solterra and got to ask the people the people there about their life growing up. When I was there I met a very nice lady who would roller skate up and down her driveway and once made skates out of metal cans. Along with the outside trips we also ran a mile every day. I liked the mile run because when we did them we were doing to meet self goals and to get a good workout. We also sorted shoes to make pairs and donated them to people who can not afford shoes. We also did much more and I learned that the book we read was written by a woman who based it on her life. I would also like to come back and be a mentor because when I did all the activities I remember the feeling that I had and I want others to have that feeling as well. I now want to thank the people who made JLA special to me, including teachers, mentors and all our sponsors who made our activities possible.

The Academy was selected among the three top out of school programs in Arizona for 2014, by the Arizona Center for Afterschool Excellence. The Academy has been trademarked in Arizona as Junior Leadership Academy of the White Mountains.

Referrals are open at this time and preferred focus is on graduating 4th and 5th graders, although 6th grade graduates will be considered.

The Arizona Center for Afterschool Excellence is dedicated to the enhancement of child and youth development and educational achievement through quality afterschool programming.


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"Alicia, I had several staff members tell me about the wonderful job you did presenting at this year's Safety Village.
It is so nice to hear good things said about great people. I appreciate your preparation and professionalism.
You are so helpful and good to work with. I’m thankful for you." ~
Mr. Kevin Hall, Nikolaus Homestead School, Show Low

David Butterfield
BRUSD teacher
JLA Director & Founder

Gil Alvidrez
BRUSD retired teacher
JLA Director & Founder

Dr. Mary Jeanne Munroe
Coalition & JLA Founder

Beth Schimmel
BRUSD teacher
BR JLA Director

Mike Schimmel
BR JLA Instructor

JLA Instructor

Judy Evans
SL JLA Director

Troy Eberline
SL JLA Instructor
Show Low School Resources

Casey Ellsworth
SL JLA Instructor
Show Low School Resources

Mona Elando
Whiteriver JLA Instructor

Elmer Cosen
Whiteriver JLA Instructor

Kaye Schweppe
Whiteriver JLA Instructor